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The internship has always been considered to be an instrument to reduce the distance between the theoretic knowledge acquired during the academic career, and the integrated and systemic knowledge which characterizes the outside world.
Due to the university reform, the internship has become an integrating part of the curriculum of engineers and architects who, in this way, can get closer to the business world and obtaining an evaluation of the activity in university credits.

Currently there are two types of internships:
  • The curricular internship is carried out by students and evaluated in Schools in University Credits useful for the completion of the study plan and the achievement of the final degree. The curricular internships are organized through the tight collaboration between the didactic structures and the hosting bodies and have a duration fixed by the Schools and assignment procedures and evaluation which are decided every time by the academic body and the companies.
  • The post-graduate internship is carried out by the graduates within 12 months from the achievement of the degree as the first true insertion step into the labour market. In this case the internship does not have to respect the didactic rules, and has a total duration of maximum 6 months.

In order to activate an internship in a foreign country (different from Italy), you must follow the simple steps listed below; if the internship is activated in Italy, please follow the instructions presented in this web page.
1. Selection of trainees
Did you already select a student / graduate for an internship?
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In order to contact students and graduates to offer an internship, you can activate one of the placement services available. Once you have found a trainee, you can proceed to step 2.
2. Internship Agreement
To start an internship abroad the company has to register at the link: http://stagejob.polito.it/companies/registration_form

The hosting company will receive a confirmation email and it will have to confirm the registration and send a statement on letterhead of the company certifying the VAT Number to tirocini@polito.it.This document is not requested for Universities, Public Institutions or Research Centers: it will be enough to send us an e-mail stating the person in charge for registration.

At the end of this procedure the student will be able to fill in the INTERNSHIP AGREEMENT on his personal web page, selecting the name of the company. After filling in the online form, the agreement will have to be printed and signed by the company and academic tutors and delivered to Stage&Job Office at least 10 days before the starting date of the internship (in case the student is already abroad it will be possible to send the signed document by ticket). The Office will send a copy of the document to the company after the signature of the Head of Orientation Department. The student will receive an email with the link to print the internship booklet.
3. Timetables Variations
In order to guarantee a regular insurance coverage, every change of the internship agreement (business trip, suspension, extension), has to be submitted through the specific form on student academic personal page (tab STAGE, selecting the specific agreement), on TIMETABLE CHANGE REQUEST. Then we kindly ask to communicate it by fax (+39/0110906295 ) or by e-mail (tirocini@polito.it) at least two days in advance. 
At the end of the internship the student will have to hand in the internship booklet to Stage&Job Office by 15 days from the expiring date. The internship booklet will have to be signed by both the company and academic tutors otherwise it will not be taken into consideration.